AI generated image of the upper body of a 1920s flapper holding a pen thoughtfully to her mouth.

You may have heard about ChatGPT. It’s the latest AI technological advance that has the potential to dramatically change life but is likely to end up as a cool internet toy for us to play with, alongside social media and kitten videos.

Using AI as an Author

And, like every advance, people are worried. It’s open to abuse. There’s a case it abuses other creatives rights.

How you may be wondering? It ‘learns’ by scraping the internet for original information (be it in the form of a written article or a piece of art) and then generating it’s own version from a wide variety of ‘sources’. Sounds a whole lot like copyright infringement to me.

There’s talk it can even be used to write a whole novel *shudder*.

So there are many reason’s to be wary of it, and of the content created by it.

But it’s also tremendous fun.


I decided to take it for a test spin with, what I hope, is a non-dodgy little experiment:

I asked it write a biography of me.

It told me there was no information.

Great. We’re off to a flying start here.

So I thought, Okay let’s modify this. I’ll ask it to …

Write a short fictional biography of an modern English writer of jazz age historical fiction called Sasha Dane.
And here’s the result!

Sasha Dane was born in the bustling city of London in the mid-1980s. Growing up, Sasha was fascinated by the rich history of her country and spent countless hours poring over historical novels and biographies. But it was the music of the jazz age that truly captured her imagination.

Sasha was a natural storyteller, and as she grew older, she began to weave together the threads of her interests to create her own unique brand of historical fiction. Her writing brought to life the sights, sounds, and smells of 1920s London, with its smoky jazz clubs and glittering parties.

Despite initial rejection, Sasha persisted in her writing and eventually found success with her debut novel, “The Jazz Age Chronicles.” The book was a critical and commercial success, earning her a devoted following of fans who couldn’t get enough of her immersive, evocative storytelling.

In the years that followed, Sasha continued to write, each new book taking readers on a journey through time to another era of England’s rich history. Her novels were celebrated for their meticulous research, vivid characters, and gripping plots.

Today, Sasha Dane is regarded as one of the preeminent voices in historical fiction, and her books continue to inspire and delight readers around the world. Despite her success, she remains grounded and committed to her craft, always striving to push the boundaries of her own creativity and bring the past to life in new and exciting ways.

Wow! *gulp* That’s quite the bio! And quite a lot to live up to!

What do you think of AI? Does it have a place in art? Have you used it? Tell me all your thoughts on AI in the comments below.

Fancy having a go for yourself? Here’s the link ChatGPT

Oh and before I go, do you like the image at the top, the one saying ‘Author Uses AI’? I created that using Artificial Intelligence too in’s Text to Image function.