I’m currently working on two novels: a fictional biography and a 1930s detective series. However, I have a number of other ideas floating around my head and notebooks in different states of progress. Including a book of fairy tales, a 1990s coming of age road trip novel, a 1970s hippie adventure and something I’ve nicknamed the kill trilogy.

The Hollywood Project

A fictional biography of an English movie star in Hollywood’s silent era. Following an ambitious actress from 1925 starlet to 1992 grand dame of the industry, The Hollywood Project show us what happens when the cutthroat world of movie-making and the hazardous experience of forbidden love collide on the world stage. 

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The Jazz Age Mysteries

The first in a series, this is an English murder mystery set in a small rural village community and is based on a suspicious suicide in my own family history. We follow our rebellious heroine as she dodges an arranged marriage, handles handcuffed police officers and navigates eyeless corpses to stop a violent murderer before they can silence her. 

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